A Man’s Perspective

Of any species on the planet, there are two that are indignantly at odds with each other.


Man and Woman.


Look at the number of lawsuits, songs, television shows, motion pictures, stand-up comedy acts, marriages, friendships, families… there is a fight between the species. Sometimes subtle… sometimes blatant. Even worse there is conflict within the ranks of each species and a deep struggle some have with their own maleness or femaleness. Men feel trapped by demanding roles they experience as forcibly thrust upon them from birth … and woman feel undervalued and resourceless in their life. Both feel very alone. This has gone on for thousands and thousands of years.


And yet, there is a great yearning for a real connection. But how? How to cross this vast divide? How can we achieve this compassionately. Some deny this conflict and these differences. Have you heard the phrase “a fish doesn’t know it´s in the water?”  It doesn´t know because it has not had the experience of being out of the water. Likewise, often we are unaware that we live in these prisons of perception. We are trapped. But what if you could be out of the water?


The Jness™ Track unveils a hidden “code of conduct” that has been inadvertently passed on by each generation as “the way to be”, it unveils the “glue” that keep these interactions amongst the sexes in place.  It is not so much a relationship course, or couples workshop, it is a deep exploration of the WHY we are the way we are and HOW to overcome it. Not by reversing roles or crushing each other in a losing battle, but by taken the next most important leap in evolution. Towards a deep respect and love for the differences; and learning to use each other’s tendencies as powerful methods to find their hidden strengths.


Many have described it as the most remarkable, most revealing experience they have ever had. Some said they couldn’t believe they had spent their whole life thinking that’s just the way things had to be.


Welcome to the next evolution. Jness for Men and Woman.